One, Two, Three “Holy Remedy” For Thyroid You Just Must Do This And Magic Will Emerge


We throughout our lives suffer from different problems, many of them are caused by ourselves, nutrition being a key aspect in this , since usually people only care about nutrition, for aesthetic reasons.

Usually people visit a nutritionist or something related to weight, when the aesthetic is compromised, that although it is true is overweight, it is something that we must treat with absolute priority, it is not at all the main reason, less if it is aesthetic.

But this is only when it comes to something caused by poor diet, there are other diseases that can cause problems without even looking for them , as is the case of the thyroid which gives us a lot of discomfort and different symptoms that really are not for nothing pleasant, today we will teach you how to put an end to thyroid problems in a simple way, let’s see how it is done.

The Natural Remedy for the Thyroid

Before starting, it is good to know what are the main symptoms that indicate problems with the thyroid:

-Irregular menstrual cycles
-Loss of sleep
-High cholesterol
-Erroneous regulation of body temperature
-High pressure
-Muscle pains
-Dry skin
-Lack of sexual drive
-Strange sensations in the neck
-Nerves and uncontrolled impatience

To perform this natural remedy for the thyroid we need the following:

-1 kilo of honey
-40 green walnuts
-Glass bottles

Preparation and mode of use

The first thing will be to wash our nines very well and proceed to make different cuts using a knife.

Then these nuts will be placed in a jar filled with honey.

When you do this, you should place your jar outdoors and making sure it is exposed to the sun.

This should be kept there for about 40 full days.

When this time elapses, we filter our mix.

To finish this substance we will throw it in another container to use it later.

The idea is to consume this substance every day in a moderate way, this will help that little by little the problems with the thyroid will be solved and you should not perform any other kind of process.

Benefits of nuts

Nuts contain a lot of healthy monounsaturated fats for the heart, omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, and nutrients, very important properties for the proper functioning of the organism. This dry fruit can be incorporated into our daily diet in salads, vegetables, as dessert, with fruit, etc.

Cardiovascular benefits.

Eating nuts brings great benefits to the heart and the circulatory system of the body. The great contribution of Omega-3 makes the nuts strengthen the ability of blood vessels to respond to stimuli in a healthy way.

They increase good cholesterol, and improve circulation.

Consume 5 walnuts daily, avoid the bad cholesterol in blood, by the great contribution of Omega-3, and Omega-9 they contain. They also have great power to improve circulation and fluidize the blood, thus reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, the formation of blood clots, the appearance of atherosclerosis.

Beneficial for mental development, improve depression, insomnia and nervousness.

Nuts contain a lot of healthy fats, lecithin, phosphorus, and Vitamin B, very beneficial properties for the brain, and memory loss.

The brain is composed of large amounts of fat, so the consumption of nuts is highly recommended to improve the connection between neurons, and mental development.

Research has shown that the lack of Omega-3 in the body, causes depression, insomnia and nervousness, therefore consuming nuts can help improve these symptoms.

Good for the heart

Nuts contain a considered amount of melatonin, very important property to regulate the nervous system of the organism. L os melatonin levels are important in regulating sleep, circadian rhythms, setting the vision in light and dark, etc ..

Reduce diabetes

Nuts contain very little amount of carbohydrates, so it is a very beneficial food for diabetics because it regulates the levels of sugar in the body. Diabetes is related to the control of blood sugar levels, but cardiovascular problems also play an important role in this process.


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