Remedy To Dye The Hair of The Color You Want Without Spending Money and Without Risking Your Health


A perfect natural complement to the beauty of every woman is her hair. That is why it is not strange to observe them spending long hours arranging and taking care of him constantly. And it is that when the hair of a lady is in perfect health, beauty, hardly it will not attract glances towards her.

It is impossible to deny that when a woman looks after her hair, it becomes more attractive to men. But the hair is more than just a decorative ornament on the head of women, it also influences the state of mind of them, that is why any sudden change in the can lead to low self-esteem or depression.

In some cultures, hair represents that feminine touch of being women. Therefore, those who have mistreated may feel desperate and fall into bitterness. Similarly, gray hair can greatly damage the appearance and beauty of a woman’s hair.

One of the most frequent techniques so far to combat gray hair, is resorting to professional dyes. It is true that these will eliminate gray hair in a 2 X 3, but also bring their very negative consequences. Many of its chemical compounds (Para-phenylenediamine (PPD), hydrogen peroxide, ammonia, parabens, lead acetate and others) cause serious damage to hair and our health in general, although you do not believe it.

When we refer to the damages, we can highlight that these products cause cancer, since they are strong chemicals. Similarly, some users have redness, itching, swelling and even intoxication. For this reason, it is recommended to eliminate gray hair with natural products, avoiding the adverse effects that conventional dyes cause. Here we will talk about how to use green tea for this purpose.


-1 bag of rosemary tea
-Clean water
-1 bag Sage tea
-1 bag of green tea

Preparation and use:

To start, we should boil enough water in a pot. When bubbles start to come out, we introduce the 3 tea bags into the water. This substance should be left to rest for about 24 hours. After this time, we add the tea in a deep bowl and introduce the bags of rosemary and sage.

After a few more hours resting our dark tint is ready to be used. If you want to darken the color of your hair and hide the gray hairs, then you should use black tea. If you want to clarify or reduce its hue, use chamomile tea. You will see how effective both are in their different roles .


To achieve the effects of this natural dye, we only have to submerge all the hair in the container with the liquid. Another option would be to empty the substance in a spray bottle and apply it repeatedly on it. It is normal, that the results will not be noticed from the beginning. Therefore, it is recommended to be constant, persevering and applying several times a week. To finish, we proceed to wash our heads with our favorite shampoo.

After applying this natural method, you will see how gray hair disappears completely. In addition to this, you can see how the overall health of your hair is transformed, thanks to this natural dye. Therefore, we invite you not to miss this opportunity to end gray hairs and care for your hairs at the same time.

Do not wait any longer or try to solve your problems with dangerous products that put your health at risk. Use this natural dye and you will never regret having done it. You will be impressed with the results achieved after several days of its application.


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