Beet, Carrots and Apples Destroy Many Diseases


Goodbye to diseases. The beet, apple and carrot smoothie is miraculous for our health since it helps to purify the blood, detoxify the organism and helps us to lose weight.

The great combination of carrot, beetroot and apple will help you feel better in the day and also help you take care of health anomalies, ailments and some diseases.

This great shake has long been suggested worldwide to several nutritionists for those people who have blood problems, it is also very economical for our financial system because the value to do it is quite low.

The nutrients in the carrot, apple and beet shake.


The three fruits of this smoothie (carrot, beet and apple) contain inside, sugars in small amounts, which are a very substantial source of energy.

This energy source is necessary to take advantage of if it is taken in the morning hours.

Vitamin A

The carrot is a vegetable very abundant in vitamin A and, as we have seen, this nutrient helps improve vision and boosts the immune system.

Vitamin B6

The beet contains a considerable amount of vitamin B6, a very substantial nutrient in the metabolism of amino acids and in the synthesis of neurotransmitters.

Vitamin B9

This nutrient, also recognized as folic acid, is in a very abundant amount in beet but it contains less in the carrot.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is in considerable proportions in beets, apples and carrots.

Vitamin C, in its consumption, helps the immune system to make its functionalities, apart from being a powerful antioxidant that can prevent coronary health anomalies and cancer.

Fiber: The fiber contained in the three elements of this liquefied liquid helps to make digestive development much simpler.

Oriental remedy to strengthen organs


-1 apple

-1/2 carrot

-2 measures of lemonade spoon

-1 Beetroot

Mode of preparation and consumption:

You must wash all the named elements well.

Without peeling them you will have to cut them into small pieces so they can be liquefied easily.

You put all the element together in the blender and blend until they are well mixed.

This smoothie should be consumed in a fast and the breakfast you have to ingest it one hour after taking it.

You can take twice a day, a glass in the morning and a glass in the evening before 6 pm.

The length of time for this great drink to work varies from person to person.

Sometimes drinking a drink in a month is enough, while in other people it can take 3 months for the drink to start its work.

Do not hesitate to share it with your relatives and close friends so that they stay free of diseases.


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